Murciélago (黒翼大魔 (ムルシエラゴ), Murushierago; Spanish for “Bat”, Japanese for “Black-Winged Great Demon”)

What you don’t understand is that the best villains justify their actions no matter how twisted they are.

Every villain is the hero in their own mind.

mitsuki0tennyo Question:
Star Wars AU Prompt! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks of the ruthless Sith Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Unable to stop the Sith, Chancellor Cornelius Fudge and the Galactic Senate are powerless as under leadership of Senator Tom Marvolo Riddle, several thousand solar systems have declared their intentions to leave the Republic. Senator Hermione Granger accompanied by two Jedi has been send negotiate with Senator Riddle.




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  • Harry Potter: You. You're the Heir of Slytherin. You're Voldemort.
  • Tom Riddle: Surely you didn't think I was going to keep my filthy Muggle father's name? No, I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew that wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I became the greatest sorcerer in the world!
  • Harry: Albus Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer in the world!
  • Tom Riddle: "Dumbledore's been driven out of this castle by the mere memory of me!